June 14, 2016

Tourism Development


Tourism makes up 10% of the world GDP.  In 2013 Tourism contributed $9.2 billion in direct, indirect and induced economic impact to Alberta’s economy.  PlanAlberta has assisted multiple Alberta communities to develop tourism as a component of their economy.


Our approach:

  • We focus on strengths inherent to an area, encourage partnerships and the development of tourism product focused on well-defined tourism target markets. 
  • We work collaboratively with communities and regions to develop a plan that is achievable and will contribute positively to economic objectives.

Our process includes:

  • Developing an inventory of tourism readiness including infrastructure, amenities, attractions and events which provides a starting point for planning.
  • Identifying gaps and an action plan for tourism basics such as wayfinding, beautification and services that will satisfy tourists' basic needs.
  • Developing a clearly defined brand strategy to differentiate and attract clearly defined tourism target markets.
  • Developing a plan for development of attractions and events and a longer term destination strategy that will attract tourists to the region.