June 18, 2016

Indigenous Economic Development


PlanAlberta supports Indigenous economic development to assist Indigenous communities to:

  • Increase member participation in the economy,
  • Build long-term community capacity,
  • Achieve related economic, social and environmental goals,
  • Prepare for and support the development of business in the community, and
  • Enable community members to provide for themselves and their families.

Our work:

  • Identifying economic leakage and opportunities to retain wealth on reserve,
  • Feasibility studies and support for implementing on-reserve businesses that provide employment.
  • Identification of education requirements for enhanced employment opportunities.
  • Recommendations regarding self-sufficiency.
  • Implementation support.
  • Training and education plans to support increased employment.

Our processes:

  • Our processes are research-based and collaborative.
  • We involve members in identifying opportunities, preferences and approaches that will have the most positive and sustainable community impacts.
diagram of Indigenous Business Success Model