June 14, 2016

Agriculture Value-Added Business Development


In 2015, sales of Alberta’s processed food and beverage industry were a record $14.6 billion making it Alberta’s top manufacturing industry on a revenue basis. Meat product manufacturing accounts for one-half of the sector’s sales.

Some producers who are no longer content to sell raw commodities are striving for a larger share of the food dollar and are increasingly moving toward value added products such as:

  • Adding value to hogs, cattle, bison, poultry and eggs through the production of finished meat products.
  • Marketing crops such as  organically grown grains.
  • Producing specialty cheeses.
  • Developing natural cosmetic and personal care products.

PlanAlberta has supported the development of Alberta’s agriculture value-added industry for more than 10 years, working with multiple organizations and contributing to their success.


Our work:

  • Feasibility studies.
  • Marketing plans.
  • Product development strategies.
  • Distribution planning.
  • Implementation of marketing programs.
  • Management coaching.

Our approach:

  • We help clients identify opportunities for unique value-added products with clearly defined target markets. 
  • Our creative ideas, research and analysis enables companies to focus and develop a strategy that leads to success.
  • We develop and implement marketing strategies to grow sales.