June 16, 2016

About Us

Janet brings more than 20 years in planning success to her clients. With a passion for new ideas and the ability to inspire, motivate and manage, Janet achieves success in any environment from a rural community to a downtown boardroom.

She creates, plans and executes innovative strategies, all the while building lasting relationships with her clients.

Janet’s foundational education was in marketing at the Ivey School of Business, Western University.

A focus on markets, customers and clients permeates all her work and she consistently enables organizations to be more market focused.

Additional skills Janet brings to planning include:

  • Creativity and imagination.
  • Outstanding research, analysis and opportunity identification.
  • Comprehensive stakeholder engagement, leading to support for new directions.
  • Strong facilitation skills.
  • Excellent writing and the ability to produce concise and practical plans with clear paths to implementation.

As required, we also bring expanded skill sets through our associates:

  • Expanded stakeholder engagement – Diane MacDonald and Associates
  • Large-scale surveys – Zinc Research
  • Branding – Cult Collective
  • Academic research – Academica Group